Strengths and the Journey Toward Your Best Self

A couple of months ago, I was working with 2 different groups doing coaching sessions on their Strengths® results. One was a college women’s basketball team preparing for their season, and the second was a company that has a growing group of fitness centers in the Chicago region. Both groups take their training very seriously, and I really enjoyed spending that time coaching them on ways to become even better at what they do, who they are, and how their individual strengths can be leveraged to help them excel.

After 18 years working and conducting research with the Strengths assessment, across a spectrum of people and industries, I’ve never once tired of the experience of seeing hundreds of them, wide-eyed, and excited about what they are learning and realizing about their best selves. You see my top strength is Maximizer (fellow strengths coaches, you understand!) and that means I LOVE to help others elevate a talent to a strength, then to a level that is extraordinary!! Why would I ever get tired of that??

You may have taken the assessment recently or even a few years ago, and simply stored away the results and realizations and never taken it a step further. There is so much more that can be done to elevate your strengths. One of my past clients is a triathlete, and he mentioned that he had hired a professional swim coach to help him refine his technique, and work faster and more efficiently in the water. He later realized that he should also do that as a CEO, a professional, and a leader so that’s when he called me and we worked together weekly over several months on these keys.

That may sound like you. Doing well, doing “enough” but really longing to advance to a level of excellence, where you become your best self.  Most of us really benefit from having someone else speak into areas of our lives that we want to refine. That’s why I coach. That’s why I mentor. So that others can soar with their strengths!