The Journey to Adulthood Is Hard!

We have an epidemic in our modern world, and it’s most acute among teens & tweens. Growing up today is just plain hard with so many potholes and landmines on the journey to adulthood. My heart goes out to kids who have to deal with anxiety, stress, bullying, broken relationships, ADHD, anger, loneliness, confusion and depression. And too often it leads to despair about the future and drugs or other addictions and even suicide. 

Do you know young people who are stuck? They're losing hope of things ever changing. Let me tell you about Bill. (This is not his real name.) Bill has ADHD and ODD and some serious anger management issues. The ODD (Opposit

There is a way out, but it involves getting off the main highway onto some narrow back roads. These roads are not simple or easy, but they will get you to your destination. The 3 Pathways – Soaring With Your Strengths, Meaningful Connections and Prepare to Launch - will lead you to a changed life. It will be a lot of work and a hard trek, but the end result will be so worth the effort.

I have decided to give my life to this mission.  a mission! I plan to empower young people as they journey along the difficult road to adulthood. This is a very unique enterprise in that most of the leaders are also teenagers. Who better to develop a strategy to reach teens than other teens! Using The 3 Pathways to a Successful Life. Student Launch Coaches are being trained to empower young people to embrace their strengths, learn to connect and prepare to launch.

I’ve coached, mentored and supervised many young people in the emerging generation. I know that they’re talented, intelligent and very savvy about all the new things in our modern world. (Especially technology!) They’re also very concerned about some of the directions that society is headed today. They want to see things change. They’re idealistic and eager to play a part in this change. They also have a hard time dragging themselves away from video games and devices in order to do something concrete that will bring about change. (As do many adults!) They long for genuine connection and authentic friendship and reject tradition and the way things have always been done. The world so needs these young folks.

Unfortunately these same young people are also unaware of some of the huge dangers facing them in the modern world. The fate of our society  hangs in the balance. And that’s why they also need us. We may be stuck in a number of ruts, but we know about the realities of life. We know about pain, disappointment and suffering. We know about anxiety and depression. We’ve experience brokenness and rejection. We’ve been there and we’ve learned a thing or two. We can offer some wisdom and perspective as you journey toward adulthood.

2018 was an unforgettable year, but it was also one of the hardest years of my life. After an intense and busy end to 2017 that, I crashed for about a week over the holidays. I usually bounce back after that and it’s business as usual. Not this time.

So here I was just a couple of weeks into the New Year, and I was in a deep, dark hole. In fact, I’ve come to describe the first 6 months of 2018 as “the valley of the shadow of death.” (From Psalm 23 in the Bible.) I talked with my wife, reached out to a number of good friends and consulted with my pastor. I tried a lot of different things, but nothing seemed to work. Finally my wife Joanne said that I needed to get some more professional help. She was right of course, but I didn’t want to go that route.

After much prayer, reflection, research and soul searching, I decided to talk with my Primary Care Physician. That was a good start, but she admitted that she didn’t really know enough to adequately help me. So, she recommended a psychiatrist and I reluctantly set up an appointment. That first session was very stressful. There were lots of questions about about many aspects of my life. At the end of the session, he told me that I suffered from acute anxiety disorder and depression. My brain was sick and I needed help. I started seeing a therapist as well and we began the search for the right medication and dosage that would restore a more healthy function to my brain. The last thing he said was, “Mr. Miller, this is going to take a while so you’ll have to be patient.” Oh boy. Great!! I just love being patient! So now my patient journey to a new life with a healthy brain was beginning.

As I moved forward on the journey and practiced patience, I proactively did a lot of reading and research. I learned more about anxiety and depression. I was amazed to find out how rapidly the numbers were climbing, esp. among young people. It was becoming an epidemic with many of these “kids” giving up the struggle and committing suicide. I was moved with compassion as God began to direct me to a new mission. I would soon be on a new journey myself to help young people find their way to a new life instead of ending it all in despair.

Do you know young people who need help? Are interested in join the community of coaches trained to help? If so, please contact me.