The Power of 168

I have a question for you. What’s in a number?

We use numbers to define ideas, dreams, and possibilities. We also use numbers to plan, to measure, to create limits, to create order.

I’ve really never thought of myself as a “numbers guy”. In high school, I wasn’t that good at algebra, and geometry and honestly, I didn’t enjoy them… all.

Maybe it’s my age, or maturity, or just “growing up” intellectually. But NUMBERS have increasingly been something I pay more and more attention to, and use to add value and impact to my life, and what I try to do with, and for others.

A 2016 article on said that “time is the great equalizer of life”. So, in case you are still wondering, the number 168 is how many hours every, single, one of us have in a week. You can’t buy more, or sell yours to others.

I first started thinking more about that number a few years ago when I was teaching a doctoral class in Personal Leadership. It was the first class in the program, and the new learners in the cohort were starting their journey as doctoral students, still working full time as teachers, officers, pastors, accountants, and business leaders. One of the students mentioned to me on a break, that they were unsure of how they could do the program along with everything else going on in their life. That got me thinking….

So, I started playing with the numbers. If we all have 168 hours, then where does our time really go? I figured if we slept the recommended 8 hours a night, that’s 56 hours, leaving 112. Then, if I worked a job that takes 45 hours a week, that leaves 67 hours….hmm. You get the idea. I continued, deducting time for working out 3-5 times a week, having meals, spending time with our family, volunteering in our community, and tending to our spiritual lives, there were still a lot of hours left.

So, why do I seem to not have enough time in my week? Maybe some time-wasters, maybe not paying enough attention to how I spend my days? Too much Netflix? Or ESPN? 

If you haven’t been able to get a handle on your 168, and could use some coaching or guidance to bring more order and purpose to your life, then let’s connect. Together, we can develop a strengths-based approach to uplift you and help with your 168.