There's a Desperate Crisis Among Young People Today

Hi Friends!

After coming to understand the desperate crisis young people are facing today, 

I will be devoting the remainder of my life to reaching out to 10-15 year old students.

As the Global Evangelist for Student and Family Coaching with Soar, I will be traveling to 20 cities to bring The 3 Pathways to the world. I'll take the message into a Youth Detention Center in Phoenix In January. Next I travel to Africa and a rural village in Uganda. Next we go into Public Intermediate Schools, Middle Schools and High Schools. Here are The 3 Pathways and topics for school programs.

Pathway #1: Soar With Your Strengths

- Paul Allen or other T3P/Soar Keynote Speaker (I will do a lot of these.)

Pathway #2: Strong Connections Through Meaningful Talk

- Keith Dorscht or other T3P/Soar Keynote Speaker

Pathway #3: Character Makes All the Difference

- Ed Miller or other T3P/Soar Keynote Speaker

Here’s a video of Paul Allen at the Gallup Clifton Strengths Summit this past summer.


I did a field test in Houston last week with what I now call The 3 Pathways Boot Camp. It was intense. Over 3 days, I worked with a 14-year old boy as well as his whole family. The student is a baseball catcher and we worked on Pathway #3 through the vehicle of baseball training. This was a bonding and transformative experience and allowed me to dive deep into character issues. You can’t talk about character without dealing with selfishness and our need to be loved. 



The 3 Pathways Boot Camp is an intense experience. Over 3 days, a MASTER STUDENT COACH works with a student between the ages of 12 and 15 using The 3 Pathways. Time with the parents and the whole family is also included.  The MASTER COACH finds common ground with the student and they work on Character Development through this vehicle. The bonding that takes place produces a transformative experience and allows for some deep dive coaching. This prize is worth $6,000 and can be used by anyone in the Continental US and Canada. 

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Student/Family Boot Camp in Houston - Part I

I’ve been working with a family in Houston and I started with our Premium Coaching Program. I call it The 3 Pathways (T3P) Student/Family Boot Camp. Just as the Marines use an Intense and Grueling Deep- Dive Training Program called Boot Camp at Parris Island, so we at T3P use our own version of Boot Camp. Boot Camp is all about transformation and not just information. Over a long weekend, we begin the process of transformation in each of The 3 Pathways. We begin on the first day and then we can build on what has come before later the same day or the next day. There’s a cumulative impact. It took only one day for me to be adopted into the family. I was given the very special and honored name, Mr. Ed. (Anyone remember Mr. Ed? “A horse is a horse, of course, of course, and no one can talk to a horse, of course…” But I digress!!)

I haven’t given you too much information yet about The 3 Pathways. I almost always start with Pathway #1, Soar With Your Strengths. I work primarily with families that have a teen or pre-teen between the ages of 12 and 15. I target my coaching toward the teenager, (from here on called, “my student” but I coach the whole family as much as possible. In this case, I had everyone around the table after lunch as I introduced the Clifton Strengths from Gallup.  My student is 14 and had already taken the Clifton Strengths Assessment. Before we looked at the report from Gallup, we discussed what folks saw as his strengths and we talked about his passions and interests.



I knew at this point that my student had a strong passion for playing baseball and especially the position of catcher. (He also loves to hit!!!) I decided to put the discussion of the Strengths Report on hold until after we had done some baseball training. Of course it was now pouring outside, so we scrambled to find an indoor batting cage to use. We found one and dad drove us over for an hour of work in the cage. Before we left, I told my student that we were also going to work on Pathway #3, Develop Strong Character. I chose the character qualities for that first day. They were responsiveness to authority and teachability. I explained what these were and told him I’d be observing not only how he handled the bat and ball, but also how he worked with me as his coach. He got it and now we were ready to go.

We were both excited because we both love baseball. It’s the only real sport ya know!!! Lol!! Only kidding. We started out doing a series of catcher drills giving me a chance to evaluate strengths and weaknesses. I only found one weakness where we needed to make a small adjustment. He listened and adjusted very quickly. This young man is very gifted athletically but he is already well along in the character qualities of teachability, responsiveness to authority, respect and determination. He worked very hard. A little teaching does play a role. He was ready for a little break and so I shared about how it goes at tryouts, showcases and workouts. Coaches and scouts are certainly looking for talent and skill, but they are also evaluating character. Which players give the maximum effort? Which ones follow instructions well? Which ones are able to keep their cool and focus under pressure? It was a very teachable moment.

I'll tell you about the rest of my Boot Camp in Houston next week. 


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