Training Success Coaches for Youth

Young People are Facing Incredible Challenges Today… 

Anxiety … Stress… Loneliness… Broken Relationships… Bullying…  Strong Emotions…  Depression...       

And Suicide Is Too Often the Result

The 3 Pathways (T3P) will be bringing hope and help directly to students in their schools. We have excellent tools that parents or other adults can use with young people. Better yet, we want to match up youth with a Success Coach who is trained to work with them and their caregivers.  

Consider being trained as a Success Coach for Youth with T3P. 

You may be thinking, what is causing this desperation? The most alarming factor is mostly a hidden danger that few people are talking about. Healthy activities make for well balanced and fully connected brains, while excessive screen use leads to fragmented and imbalanced brains. Young brains need plenty of movement, touch, connection to family, varied activities, and exposure to nature for optimal development of neural pathways.

You see, the brain isn’t fully developed until the age of 25, so it cannot fully self-regulate. Video games, social media and the internet have opened up a new world of highly stimulating input. This stimulation results in the heavy production of dopamine, the feel good chemical. In order to maintain the good feelings, we are constantly being drawn back to the highly stimulating activities. It’s very much like being addicted to any drug.

The frontal lobe (control center) tries to “reason” with the highly stimulated parts of the brain, but it is totally overmatched and becomes overwhelmed and ineffective. Permanent damage can result with strong emotions, anxiety, fear and depression following.

Games and devices are not bad, but too much is dangerous! We must work together develop new strategies and pathways to increase young people's capacity to cope with this challenge.

If you are interested in being part of this rescue mission in any way, please complete this short google form.

Join us for The 3 Pathways Rally for Students and Adults on Saturday March 15 at 9:00 am. The location is TBD Reserve your seat now.This is for anyone who wants to be part of this rescue mission.