Turning Talents into Strengths

In July, thirteen strengths coaches published, Turning Talents into Strengths: Stories of Coaching Transformation.  It was a collaborative project that took nearly a year! 

There were endless delays. There were sudden changes in publishing rules to deal with. There were snags with the graphic services. Publisher problems and techie issues caused even more problems. 

None of us had ever written and published a book before. Some of us loved to write. Others, not so much. We helped one another craft our stories because of a huge editing snafu that we got to work through!

In the end, we were proud of the stories we told! 

The Heart

At the heart of the book is the heart of each coach who shared their experiences. These coaches believe that every person is gifted in unique ways. And that each of them has something to contribute to the world we live in. 

And while each tells stories in different areas of business and life, these coaches brings the fullness of who they are to the people they are called to serve. 

Meet the Coaches

You'll want to know each of the coaches who contributed: 

Joanna Wiesinger, Ph.D

Marcia Buzzella

Heidi Convery

Alicia Santamaria

David Boop, Ed.D.

Kathie Gautille

Beverly Griffeth-Bryant

Donna Marie Gardner, M.A. 

Pia Jansson

Ken Barr Jr. 

Debby Rausch Lissaur. CPCC

Powerful Transformation

Each of these amazing coaches share stories of powerful transformation by helping people accept and understand who they are and how they can be more, do more and have more. 

You can grab your copy of Turning Talents into Strengths: Stories of Coaching Transformation right here!