When You Want To Soar

I don’t do well when I have to hustle. But I have found a key to success … for me. And it's more relational than hustle. Let me explain.

It wasn’t too long ago that I had these thoughts - How the heck do they do all that! How have they grown their business so easily? Why don’t I have results like that? Do I have to put in more hours? Am I going after the wrong things? Am I seeking my will not God's will? 

Is that you too?

I’ve learned that a spirit of striving isn’t from God. And as a believer, anything NOT from Him will be blocked. Why? Because I’ve prayed and asked God to show me where He’s working. I want to partner with God. And in His grace, if I’m off course He will direct me back though opposition and alert me with a feeling of striving. 

But when it is from Him I will see open doors through connection and have peace. Sometimes there is opposition but lacks striving and peace still remains. 

There are some universal truths for any person, career, and personality. This is one of them. 

But what makes one person feel like striving and another not is because of gifting and talent. In order to find success in your life, you need to be in alignment with how God made you. 

Do you know how he made you? Do you know your strengths? Knowing this will help you be a great leader.

“No leader sets out to be a leader. People set out to live their lives, expressing themselves fully. When that expression is of value, they become leaders. So the point is not to become a leader. The point is to become yourself, to use yourself completely – all your skills, gifts and energies – in order to make your vision manifest. You must withhold nothing. You, must, in sum, become the person you started out to be, and to enjoy the process of becoming.” – Warren Bennis, On Becoming a Leader

I’m passionate about helping people discover and walk in peace and joy without striving. I do this through teaching and speaking ... but also through coaching. That’s where I find the favor of God on my life. It may be different for you. 

Let me help you discover who you were made to be too. 

I was chosen to be a Global Strengths Soar Evangelist with Soar.com. Led by Paul Allen, Gallup Strengths Evangelist and Founder of Ancestry.com, Soar is the leading marketplace for human development. Our mission is to help more people identify, develop and apply their natural talents in the workplace, at home, and in their community. 

You can learn more at www.JillMonaco.com/Soar

In this role, I will do a couple of things: 

  1. Help coaches connect with clients
  2. Help organizations find expert coaches 

I’m building a TEAM OF COACHES that are passionate about helping people discover their strengths. If you are a coach reach out to me for more information about how you can join our group mastermind, access tools to grow your coaching business and connect with clients.

If you are an ORGANIZATION that wants your staff to perform at the highest level they need to know their strengths. Reach out to me and we will set up a time to chat about how I can serve you through a workshop or seminar. Or I’ll connect you to a coach on my team. 

I believe we can uplift humanity by discovering our strengths and simply being who we were created to be. 

I'm ready to soar ... how about you?

P.S. Leave a comment or send me an email to jill@jillmonaco.com if you want an invitation to attend my first FREE event in Chicagoland on December 17, 2018. Paul Allen will be with us to share how you can grow your coaching business.