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Welcome to Soar Community and Events. Soar's mission is to help individuals and organizations around the world develop their innate strengths and maximize their unique talents. We believe in the greatness and unique potential that exist in each person on the planet.

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Dec. 12, 2018

How Leaders & Parents Can SOAR with Strengths in their Businesses & Families!!

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Join SOAR Evangelist & GALLUP Certified Strengths Coach, Monique Catoggio, as she discusses creating a growing strengths-based business with Lina Acosta-Sandaal, founder & director of Stop Parenting Alone. Together they also will help parents see the value of using strengths at home to help both children & the family unit thrive. Monique & Lina will share tips for both business owners & parents.

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Monique Catoggio

Monique Catoggio

Monique Catoggio, Inc

Soar Evangelist
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