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T3P is a company on a mission to empower teens in their super powers so that they can change the world. The Executive Leadership Team at T3P is advised by a group of Founding Partners who are all teens. The Soar Tour with Ed Miller started in Houston at the end of 2018 with a T3P Boot Camp. It then moved to Gilbert, Arizona in January 2019. 110 6th Grade students at Finley Farms Elementary School began the journey by discovering their super powers. The 3 Pathways message of hope is now going around the world to Elementary and Middle School students and their families. Our moon shot goal is to connect every young person with a coach who can guide and encourage them as they develop their strengths enroute to changing the world! UPCOMING STOPS ON THE SOAR TOUR APRIL 2019 - Colorado Springs and Denver, Colorado JUNE 2019 - Omaha, Nebraska; Calgary, Canada Being a good father, husband and follower of Jesus Christ are important values in my life. My wife Joanne is the co-founder of Effective Parenting and we have 2 adult children, Dave and Tim. Dave is married to Amanda and they have 2 young children, Madison and Nathan. My most important coaching has been and is being done with these folks! I've also invested 30+ years in coaching young people in sports, youth ministry and leadership development on campuses around New York and New Jersey. (InterVarsity Christian Fellowship) I'm also a trained and certified Parent Coach with the National Center for Biblical Parenting. I have had many opportunities to mentor, coach and train young people. I now plan to invest the rest of my life in coaching teens, tweens and the adults who love them through Soar.com and The 3 Pathways. Education: BAAS from the University of Delaware Graduate Study at Regent College Vancouver Graduate Study at Princeton Theological Seminary Certifications and Accreditations: Certified Parent Coach with Dr. Scott Turansky Prof. at Concordia University Job History: 1978-2012: Campus Minister, Area Director and Assistant Regional Director, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship 2012-2018: Director of Development, National Center for Biblical Parenting 2014-2018: Parent Coach 2016-Present: Full-Time Coach and Evangelist with Soar.com. Coaching Clients: Teens and Tweens Parents Families Leaders Coaching Methods: One-on-One Families Intergenerational Experiential Events Company Name: The 3 Pathways Website: www.The3Pathways.com

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